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It has been already thirty years since SYNOT Group was founded. Originally a small family company from Uherské Hradiště with three employees now operates on global markets across many continents. It employs approximately three thousand people and it is dedicated to several business sectors. Its first company was founded in 1991.    

It was a completely different time, when my brother, my father and I started our business. We did not have it easy, we started from scratch – but we did not lack energy and diligence. So we took a loan in the amount of several tens of thousand crowns. It was a lot of money then and we were really worried if we could repay the loan. We were a small family company with great ambitions and a goal to be the best. Although we did not have the technical possibilities and conveniences that are available nowadays, we were not overwhelmed by bureaucracy and bullying by public officials, as is unfortunately the case in the Czech Republic today, when active people, who are the backbone of our economy, are being exposed to various obstacles,” recalls the owner of the SYNOT group, Ivo Valenta.       

The roles of the founders of the SYNOT group were divided from the beginning. "My father and brother were involved in business in the Czech Republic, and I set out to gain experience and establish new business relationships abroad," adds Ivo Valenta.

Over the years, the SYNOT Group's business has taken several directions – for example, the lottery industry, IT technology, online solutions and support for startup projects, property management and renovation, tourism investments, security solutions and, last but not least, the sale of BMW luxury cars.

"Of course, I am very pleased that we operate in world markets and enjoy the trust and respect of business partners from many continents. It is the result of hard work and commitment of the entire team of our group, which I sincerely appreciate. We are constantly improving and innovating our products to reflect modern trends and to be highly competitive. We can also adapt them to the conditions of individual countries. In recent years, our companies have gained a lot of recognition. However, we take every success with humility and it is above all a motivation and a commitment for us to continue working," says the owner of the SYNOT Group.

The SYNOT Group has been supporting sports and the non-profit sector practically since the beginning of its operations. Ivo Valenta established the SYNOT Foundation to ensure that this support is managed and that the distribution of funds is effective and targeted where it is needed.

During its existence, the foundation has already supported thousands of entities and public benefit projects with more than a billion crowns. Primarily the hospitals and other medical facilities, social institutions, retirement homes, schools, hobby and leisure organizations, sports clubs, children's homes, major cultural institutions and theaters, church monuments, folk traditions, folklore and, last but not least, hundreds of individuals received the support. These were mainly children and adults with health or mental disabilities.

The SYNOT Group is also a major investor in the field of tourism, folk traditions and leisure activities. It has sensitively reconstructed a number of hotels and historic buildings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many of these buildings have even won prestigious awards – among them, for example, the Art Nouveau Slovak Hotel Elizabeth, the Grandhotel Tatra in Velké Karlovice and, last but not least, the Zelená Žaba (Green Frog) swimming pool resort – a jewel of interwar architecture, that was returned back to life, after many years of decay, by the costly reconstruction, implemented by Synot Group. The investments in modern ski resorts, the Water World and the unique labyrinth of Sklepy Mařatice (Maratice Wine Cellars) are also significant.

"I consider similar investments to be very significant. Not only does it offer to people a variety of opportunities for pleasant relaxation, family celebrations, corporate meetings or sports and leisure activities, they also employ many people and support local craftsmen and producers, with whom we work closely in individual operations” adds Ivo Valenta.

The individual companies of the SYNOT Group operate in more than twenty countries around the world. It operates in dozens of other countries through online casinos. SYNOT has its business activities in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. However, the ambitions of the SYNOT Group certainly do not end there, and it is still planning new investment projects and expansion to other countries and world destinations today.



 Mgr. Magda Pekařová, spokeswoman
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