State-of-the-art graphics and attractive features exceed all standards even today, making the Golden Line gaming system unchallenged in this sector. A combination of  original 33 games will certainly appeal to a large number of players. Games have been developed using the latest technologies and are highly rated thanks for their timeless and precise craftsmanship. TITO support and a comprehensive server solution guaranteeing high security, remote software updates, customized marketing and remote hardware analysis is another great blend of features. 

The latest version of the Golden Line game set includes exciting and sophisticated linked games.

Gaming system properties

  • Jackpot system
  • Features Multiple RTP, game filters, autostart, risk, loyalty system
  • Platform Innocore DPX®-S450
  • GDS protocol

* Number of games varies according to software version and jurisdiction. For product availability in your market, contact our sales managers.