SYNOT VLT Premium 2 game set is one of the best that SYNOT currently offers in VLT systems. Thanks to a combination of the most popular games which are based on proven principles, we have created a top gaming system SYNOT VLT Premium 2. A total of 30 theme and fruit games will surprise you with perfect graphics, a number of bonuses, unforgettable sound effects and a captivating jackpot system that will give players a unique gaming experience. In addition to Full HD resolution, this top game compendium boasts a unique game lobby in the shape of a globe offering clarity and precision that appreciated by many players. Compendium is equipped with TITO support and a comprehensive server solution for high security, remote software updates, customized marketing and remote hardware analysis.

The latest version of the SYNOT VLT Premium 2 game set includes exciting and sophisticated linked games.

Gaming system properties

  • Jackpot system
  • Features Multiple RTP, game filters, autostart, risk, loyalty system
  • Platform Innocore DPX®-S450
  • GDS protocol

* Number of games varies according to software version and jurisdiction. For product availability in your market, contact our sales managers.