28 / 11 / 2022 | Other acitivies

Also this year, dozens of buildings competed for the Chamber of the Engineering Awards 2021. The evaluation jury selected and awarded the best projects and the Water World in Velke Karlovice, which belongs to the investment projects of the SYNOT Group, also won the award.

"The Water World in Velke Karlovice fulfills my idea of how to integrate a relatively large building into the surrounding of beautiful nature. At the same time, it can be seen how the possibilities of using our free time are improving. It's a really successful composition," said Robert Špalek, chairman of ČKAIT (The Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Working in Construction).

The Water World is open year-round. It is also sensitively situated in nature, which is reason why it is built in a mountain style, mainly from natural materials - i.e. stones and wood.

"Of course, the award belongs to everyone who participated in the construction of Water World, and I appreciate their work immensely. Our goal was primarily to expand the possibilities of tourist enjoyment in Kycerka Resort, which is during the whole year a very popular place for turists not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. Moreover it offers relaxation and entertainment to local residents as well. We have already invested hundreds of millions of Czech crowns in this location and we are sincerely pleased that guests are very happy to come back here. This is the best feedback for us," said Ivo Valenta, owner of the SYNOT group, which is an investor of a whole project.

In the Water World you can find a swimming pool with various amusements, such as water gargoyles, a wild river, water massage beds and so on. There is also a children's playroom, a restaurant, massages, terraces and a panoramic view of the countryside.

In addition to the Water World, which also includes the Sauna World, you can visit in the Kycerka Resort also, for example, a ski area with a number of slopes, the Dr. Elinger cardio trail, the unique Chapel of St. Hubert, sculptures created during woodcarving symposiums, accommodation in stylish Wallachian cottages, Grandhotel Tatra, which has already won many awards at prestigious international competitions, or Kycerka Pub, where you can taste traditional Wallachian specialties. The newest investment is Children's World. All ages visitors will surely enjoy the stay.

The companies PSG Construction a.s., CUBE DESIGN s.r.o. and PROJEKTinvest s.r.o. were participated in the Water World project. The investor is the company SYNOT REAL ESTATE, k.s.



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